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Want to elevate your home to “fine art,” give it a new bright face, texture or surface?  Even if you’re only using a few single coats of paint, and not dripping, splattering or hurling globs at your walls like Jackson Pollock, you can have a home that says I’m a masterpiece.

Let’s not forget also, that Pollock often used ordinary enamel house paint and got some pretty big bucks for his work.  That aside, I’m sure your nephew “Seymour” could do a much neater job painting your walls (even though he might not be able to sell them for the same price tag).jackson pollack black and white and yellow

Anyway, since we know your home could be a masterpiece with a little paint in the right spots and some proper color coordinating, the question is then, where do you get the paint, and why should it matter?  One great choice would be Colorful Coatings. Located in Palm Harbor, this long established family business is run by father and son Stan and Andy Rygiel and promises the highest quality paints in a veritable smorgasbord of colors and textures (for heaven’s sake there’s even colored chalk board paint – for those of you not scared of encouraging your kids to write on the walls).chalk board paint It was explained to me by Andy that their line is quite the leader in paint development and avant – garde processes, unfortunately I don’t think I can repeat it because if you saw me right now, my eyes are somewhat glazed over from chemistry overload so, suffice it to say that they can out-last, out-look and probably “out-splatter” the best of them (the last probably only important if you are Jackson Pollock) For the ultra-sensitive, there’s odorless paint in addition to many different lines and grades of latex, flat, eggshell, and others. And of course, they carry an extensive line of scrapers, faux paint brushes, tapes, buckets, wall paper remover, stains, rollers and more.  It’s almost as exciting as a shoe store! Need a specific color to match a favorite decorative piece, or your daughter’s pet bullfrog?   bullfrogBring it in, they may not be able to use their fancy machine on the bullfrog but they have an excellent eye and know pretty closely what the color will wind up being when it dries – just try that at the one of those big box stores!” Stop in for personalized service. Maybe register your paint for your next “house shower” or baby shower.  Pick up a “painting” gift certificate for a great housewarming gift (better than another toaster). Whatever your needs, they’re great with recommendations and will take the time to make sure you’re happy.   I guess that explains why they’ve been in business for over 43 years!   colorful coatings - cropped

Find them at 3370 Tampa road (corner of Lake st. George) 727-787-6644 

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