athenaLet’s face it folks, the only time most of us think or care about insurance is when we really need it – but by then it’s usually too late. When those “slight showers,” Storm, the weatherman, predicted, morph into the storm of the century or that fish-tank wall, you just had to have, comes crashing down, leaving you standing knee deep in watery despair as your Siamese paddles by on a boogie board, it’s not the time to think about increasing your insurance.

Scary Huh!  Well, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a policy review. Now, I don’t know about you, but the thought of investing time into understanding insurance choices is, for me, right up there with root canal, unclogging the backed-up toilet or maybe a solo bassoon concert, but when you have someone like Renee Amanatides, and the Lancaster Agency guiding you through the whole process, it’s really pretty painless.

I choose to liken Renee to the Greek Goddess, Athena, Goddess of wisdom, good counsel, defense of towns and insurance (not sure about that last, but the precursor to insurance probably was good counsel anyway — don’t go looking for that gorgon, don’t pick a fight with the Athenians, don’t take any wooden horses, etc., etc.)trojan horse

You’ll see that twenty years in the insurance industry has certainly qualified her to give “good counsel!” She’s also been on the receiving end of bad insurance, which is what originally motivated her to help others. But if she feels you have the best policy or company she’ll tell you so.

So, take a few minutes to sit down with Renee and see what she recommends.  I think you’ll find she’ll give you a knowledgeable, straightforward and honest answer. (Hey, would Athena lie?)

renee amanatides pictureRenee Amanatides Allstate picture

Renee- 757-641-1366