Homeowers, Flood and Auto Insurance

Laurie Dunlop – Florida Best Quote Insurance This may be my ultimate challenge in the vendor category – not that Laurie and Florida Best Quote insurance aren’t great, don’t deliver terrific service and aren’t conscientious – it’s just that I’m not really sure how to make an article on homeowner’s insurance entertaining or its subject heroic (I’m actually not sure how you write anything interesting about insurance to tell you the truth- seems about as interesting as a dissertation on fungi – my apologies to botanists everywhewonder womanre). I guess I could compare her to a certain TV character –known for her lasso of truth, indestructible wrist bands and projectile tiara but if you haven’t met her you might not believe me. Well, in the realm of insurance that’s pretty close to the truth (except maybe for the gold bustier). Please allow me to elaborate.  There are those that sell insurance and those that make it their mission to ensure their customers save as much as possible and are not charged for anything unnecessarily, that will go toe to toe with the bad guys, that stand for justice and right, and the American way, …… Hmmmm?  Too much?  OK, well, the first part, up to the bad guys is correct. In fact, if you were to go to Laurie with your insurance policy in hand wanting to get another quote, she would start from scratch, going over every point in detail to make sure that what you had is what you really need. No falling back on the easy quote that won’t save you money. That fact alone would totally justify her being able to sport those wrist bands and tiara (not to mention those cool red boots). When you think about it, what types of things could distinguish one insurance agent from another?  Diligence? A large selection of companies to choose from? Follow up? Knowledge? Cookies?  (hey, it could happen.  I could be swayed by macadamia white chocolate) Anyway, cookies aside, all of the above apply with the special added benefit of really caring to do a good job and save YOU as much as humanly (or superhumanly) possible. So call Laurie at 727-504-3131 the next time you need a quote on your homeowner’s, flood, or auto insurance.  She saved me money and she saved my business partner half of what she was paying!  Not bad for a mere mortal.  Call her, maybe she’ll even wear her tiara for you – or her cool red boots. best quote logo LD headshot