Health Insurance

bananna-peel-and-footYou probably remember when Mom (or Grandma) would reminisce about walking 10 miles to school, uphill – both ways, in a blizzard (for those of you born in Fl. maybe walking to school 10 miles in August, dodging alligators, to arrive at a school with no AC?) I don’t know about you, but I was convinced by the time I was 8 that my generation were all wimps and softies spoiled by privilege and modernity! Another point of exaggeration/reminiscence was probably the doctor who would make house calls and maybe even the insurance agent who would do the same.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen anything amounting to even dna evidence of doctors or insurance agents making house calls these days, have you?  I’m not talking about an adjuster, once you’ve smashed your new BMW into your freshly painted garage, I’m talking about an agent that takes the time to come see you, sits down and answers your questions, as well as helps you decide what plans will work the best for you – personal contact folks!  chris-dibiase-smiling-cropped One exception to the rule of no house calls, however, is Chris DiBiase with Heath Markets. Chris is a guy who believes that insurance is a long term proposition and that customers, who are “enlightened” and whose needs are considered, are customers for life. Now, he’s has been in the insurance business for 10 years but In his former incarnation he did customer service for restaurants and bars – and loved it – but the irregular and very long hours persuaded him that he needed something which would afford him a bit more time and prediction … I’m not sure he’s accomplished that goal as he seems to always be running off to help someone – especially now during this open enrollment for Medicare period, (or is that open season on Medicare?) which started on the 15th of Oct.  and runs through the 7th of December – a day that will live in infamy, if you don’t get your insurance settled by then!)   Just so you know, if you’re under 65 you won’t be infamous until the 31th of January. To sum things up, Chris is an individual who cares enough to explain things and takes the time to make sure that the plan you will be getting is the one that’s best for you.  It may sound a little trite, but when you need the insurance, you don’t want to find out, after the fact, that the deductible is more than a year of mortgage payments , or that you are ineligible because you didn’t declare you had acne as a teenager!   Give him a call at 727-492-5766. He’ll show you why their company’s motto is Choice, Council and Convenience. Chris DiBiase’s with Health Markets