Realtors- Buying A Home In Pinellas County

How can the Florida Sold Sisters help find your “dream home”?

Buying a house is a big decision, and there are a lot of factors to consider. In this day of “I can find anything on the internet,” you might wonder, why you should use a realtor to guide you through the process. Here are a few key reasons you should hire the Florida Sold Sisters to assist you:

Our services are free. 

The commission is paid by the seller, but you still have someone to listen to you and represent your interests. We are very hands-on and will treat you like family.  Our goal is to make you so happy with your buying experience that you will recommend us to all your friends and family in the future. Our business is built on recommendations.

Is what you’re looking for available?

There is an old saying in real estate that “buyers are liars, and sellers are thieves” this, no doubt, comes from the fact that some people start out looking for a 2-bedroom condo and end up with a 3-bedroom single family home – or visa-versa (We’ll assume the seller’s side of that saying is self- explanatory).

However, this plays out, why waste time looking at things that don’t fit your criteria?  Although it’s human nature to change our minds, a thorough consultation at the start, laying out your wishes and needs, will help get your buying process off on the right foot and probably answer a few questions you didn’t even know you had.

Save time.

No one wants to spend hours on the phone setting up showings. We’ll do the leg-work for you, saving you time and frustration. If you want to go to the beach in the morning, no problem, we’ll set up showings in the afternoon!

Do you live out of the area?  We can always work with clients long distance.  If you can’t come down for an extended time to look, we can look for you by lining up possible properties for you to choose from when you are able to arrive. Of course, you will, ultimately, make the buying decision, but we can supply you with all the info available, take additional pictures, etc.

Negotiation is our specialty.

Once you have found the perfect home, you may be going up against other buyers vying for the same home. 

Negotiating is a skilled process, and in this fast seller’s market, it helps to have someone used to navigating the pitfalls, in your corner.  We inform you on different options and recommend strategies that have proven successful over our 25 combined years in business. We know how to play the game and win in this extremely competitive environment.

We make closing costs clear.

We paint a clear picture of what closing costs will be as well as what you will be required to do. We orchestrate each step, including inspections, appraisal, repairs follow-up, insurance recommendations, title liaison, lender liaison, etc.

What about after the sale?

Do you have the necessary resources you will need after the sale?  We can recommend a variety of skilled and reliable service people, from plumbers to electricians, AC, tile, flooring and many more. 

A gift awaits you!

Last but not least, you may even get a closing gift, imagine that!

We look forward to helping you find just the right home, and we hope to make you another Florida Sold Sisters success story!