Kelly and Sons Flooring specializes in in-home consultations and quality installations with a wide array of hard woods, laminates  and carpet to fit every budget – and you don’t even have to go into a showroom! Yes, that’s right – they will come to you with an array of samples designed to fit your needs, based on an initial consultation.  So, sit back and relax.  The next sound you hear will be your new floor knocking at your door (actually, technically, the floor will not be knocking – it will be Kim, but let’s not quibble).

We all know that a new floor can add warmth, style and continuity to a home (lack of the latter being my pet real estate peeve. We’ve all seen them –different floors in every room –  a testimony to years of bad flooring judgement. Many of us have bought such homes, others of us have installed flooring we later won’t admit to but we’ve managed to live with it.)

             Then there are a few of us who may be deeply regretting our choices!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer any longer. No, really.  Even if you have questionable floors. With some expert advice from Kelly and Sons, those floors can be transformed into a congruous whole, or at least segue from one space to another in an aesthetic fashion.  Speaking of segueing, the BIG advantage to having their in-home consult is that, with her years of experience, Kim Kelly can expertly guide you as to what styles and textures will work for your specific needs and color preferences. And you can preview them right in your home!

Even if you need a floor to compliment that  Metallica poster and black-light ambiance of your husband, reliving his glory days in your den, Kelly and Son Flooring can help you find something appropriate. 

Did you know that there was actually a rating system for floors? Yeah, me neither.  But flooring material is rated.  Kim was quick to remind me that they only use top rated materials, unlike some of the big DISCOUNT flooring companies, who often carry lesser quality flooring materials at a reduced rate.   (hey, if you have to put the floor down again 3 years later because your schnauzer, Skippy, has worn a groove from the kitchen to the front door, was it really much of a deal?) So call Kelly and sons – they’ve got 20 years of experience in the business and they’ll treat you right. Kim and Paul Kelly and Sons Flooring    Kim and Paul Kelly 727-418-6603 www.kellyandsonsflooring.com shamrock   And oh, yes, they even do decks!