Flooring and Upholstery Cleaning

fay wray in kong's graspIf I’d struggled for weeks, wracked my brain ‘til it was as overwrought as Fay Wray, flailing her arms from atop the Empire State Building, I wouldn’t have been able to think up a more perfect name for a floor cleaning company than CLEANKONG (spoken an octave lower with reverb).

But alas, the name and the business are the brainchild of owners Charles Crosdale and Drew Dampier. CleanKong was born 6 years ago out of a demand by clients of Crosdale’s and Dampier’s former restoration business for ongoing cleaning services.  Says Charles, “If you can walk on it, sit on it, lay on it, or (this is a PG blog folks…)” they can clean it (no toilets please).

Now, you might expect that CleanKong would bring some muscle to your cleaning needs, but this is also a new contemporary Kong – a kinder gentler Kong that offers biodegradable products, and reads poetry (actually, not so sure about that last one). Anyway, they do offer a full line of safe human and pet tested products as well as the traditional ones.

Charles was quick to tell me that they pride themselves on doing the job right the first time.  With a military background, an IIRC rating (institute of inspectCleanKong logoion, cleaning and restoration certificate – not making this up) and his demand for excellence,  I’ll bet Charles has taught that Gorilla how to make hospital corners and spit shine his shoes – not to mention your floors!So give Charles a call at 855-755-5664. He’ll consult with you first to make sure they can provide for your exact needs and, as he says,… WE DON’T MONKEY AROUND WITH CLEANING. www.CleanKong.commonkey covering it's eyes