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Dog Days Mobile Grooming…

I will never use the expression “it’s a dog’s life” derogatorily – ever again.  Come to think of it, “he worked like a dog” is probably going to get scratched off my favorite sayings list as well because I can say, without any hesitation, that my boxer never punched a time clock a day in his life – In fact, I couldn’t even get him to vacuum or dust around the house! – but I digress…

So, why am I banishing “it’s a dog’s life” from my lexicon of expressions? Blame it on Monica O’Toole yes it’s because of her that the terms a dog’s life or dog days no longer conjure up pictures of miserable subsistence or sweltering summer heat. Now the picture that pops immediately to mind is one of cocker-spaniels and Weimaraners luxuriating in bubble baths.

Please allow me to explain.  Monica O’Toole is the owner and operator of “Dog Days Mobile Grooming,” a Clearwater-based mobile salon on wheels for the barky set – and the scratchy set, for those of you that don’t want to risk life and limb bathing your cat.  It is her brainchild and her passion and she brings her love of animals and years of experience in the grooming business right to your door.

No longer will you have to bribe your Rottweiler into the back seat with a rib eye or engage in therapy for your Schnauzer because he thinks you’re taking him to the vet.  No, Dog Days will come to you with bubbles and bows and an assortment of other accessories, and at a price that won’t bite.  Check out her website at Dog days mobile grooming website

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