The Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center 


One of the Coolest places you’ve driven by but probably never seen…

I’ve been meaning to check it out,”………….  “I think I’ve heard of it but they must have torn it down years ago,”………….”

Safety Harbor has a museum???”

Yes, folks, these are few of the many things you hear from tourists, as well as locals, who haven’t been to the Safety Harbor museum.  Contrary to popular mythology, or lack thereof, it does exist and, you don’t have to travel through a hidden time portal to get there.

Nor is it hidden in dark forests of refracted light intentionally avoiding the public.  Actually,  I believe that’s Big Foot.

Anyway, this neat little museum is within walking distance of downtown.  Situated up on a hill (yes, we do have hills around here – just ask the ants) above Bayshore Boulevard, the museum is housed in a charming craftsman style bungalow that’s home to both a permanent local history exhibit and a revolving community art display which features local Artists of all kinds.

When I was in there, they had just set up the display by local Cuban-American artist Ben Cardoso, whose retrospective of life in Cuba spans his memory of five decades – a nostalgic glimpse of the Cuba of bygone days, captured forever on canvas. (sorry, don’t want to sound like an art critic! Please stop me if I try to use phrases like “contemplative palette,” or brush strokes pregnant with meaning….)safety-harbor-museum-inside-3

Anyway, in the museum, you can learn about our local Tocabaga Indians, their culture and art and pick up a cool map of Florida’s Indian heritage (or visit  for more information on county state and national parks that showcase more than 65 archaeological sites.)

Remember the dioramas you had to make in 3rd grade? (what can I say, I went to a private school) Actually, I’m trying to forget that diorama experience – I think it was Marvin Finklestein that let a large cockroach loose in mine and I was ruined for the rest of that project, but I digress… I mention that as I particularly loved the Tocobaga Diorama at the museum – intriguing in its detail – kids will love it, and no cockroaches!

The museum is also proud to offer an acclaimed children’s summer camp as well as being a popular destination for school field trips and various clubs looking for interesting tours on the area history.  Check out an art class – maybe you’ll be good enough to be a “featured artist”

……. or not!  

Come take advantage of the many adult classes available to our community.   You’ll wonder why you waited so long ……………. even if you don’t become a featured artist!