Womens Clothing

A Girlfriend’s Touch….. may be all you need! witch-outfit-for-agt-a-girlfriends-touchFor those of you out there that are the last girl in a family with enough females to start their own baseball team, who may be a little wary of a “resale” store, I’m confident that this store will change your mind and cure you of any hand-me-down hang-ups! For the rest of us, that love a great deal on what I refer to as high-end “preselected” clothing and shoes (hey someone else loved it before you) this store is a real find! Owner Lisa Cummings is not new to retail clothing and accessories.  You can tell that just from her merchandizing skills and the care and humor that goes into her displays.  Prior to this “boutique” shop, she owned a large Resale store in St. Augustine then, 5 years ago, when her husband needed to move here for business, she worked as a personal shopper, where she honed her fashion consulting “chops” to a fine edge.  lisa-at-counterNot only would she help her clients select products that looked great on them, but she would educate them as to what styles, colors, etc. worked best and showed off their sense of self. She told me she used to get emails of clothing purchased by former clients, proud to show off their new style acumen. Though she rarely works as a personal shopper any more, Lisa’s fine eye for line and style are available to you at her store — or not.  No high pressure, just good workable suggestions from a real pro with TRUTHFUL feedback, in a friendly atmosphere. (None of that, Oh Mrs. Smith, I don’t think being 85 detracts from how that green mini-skirt looks on you, at all!)  Lisa’s quick to mention that it’s not the brand name of clothing (although many of her things are well-known name brands) that matters, It’s your name and how that garment makes YOU look! I do have to offer one caveat, however: If you are going somewhere and have a deadline, don’t go into the store, no really, you may miss your appointment.  inside-store-agtNot only does A Girlfriend’s Touch have wonderful current styles of clothing but also shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories to complete your look. And, they’ve all been preselected by a fashionista, washed, pressed, and like new. So, when you go in, be prepared to have a good time, make a new friend, and on a few selected Thursdays, join her for a “Sip and Shop” — a little wine, a little finger food and 50% off all the clothes.  See you there! A girlfriends touch